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What to Expect at Women in Business

Make Friends

Power up for a day of fun and work with free-flowing coffee and fresh muffins. This is a relaxing way to meet other people attending the event and who share your drive to succeed in business.

Gather New Contacts

Add to your list of starred business associates, advisors and leads with networking opportunities. We set aside specific breaks in the event to give you time to exchange business cards for future deals, and make friends, too.

Crush a Workshop

Top off your coffee and power up your laptop—these working sessions dive deep in today’s top business-related issues. Experts in their fields lead discussions, making sure you leave with a clear plan (and more things for your to-do list).

Score a Find

Call it sampling the wares, call it supporting fellow female businesses, call it retail therapy! There’s plenty of time in between activities to check out the pop-up shops from local businesses.

2020 Women in Business

Women’s Work — and Proud of It!

We’ve got just the place to conquer your goals.

The 12th Annual Women in Business event, hosted by Moffly Media.

Take that great business idea of yours to the next level in one morning. It won’t be easy. But we’re women – we got this.

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A portion of ticket proceeds to benefit:


Support Women in the Know

Align your business with the power of some of Fairfield County’s brightest business thinkers and doers! 

Small Business. Big Business. We’re all working to make Fairfield County succeed.